Our greatest success is not our growth but the people who makes CatShine grow.


A Kolkata based Complete HR Management House.


Our Workshop helps candidate to prepare themselves in this competitive market and keeps them ahead in their career.


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About Us

Catshine HR Consulting is a HR management house and we are all about Talent Acquisition, Talent Transformation and Talent Engagement. Thus we evolve around talented individuals to become successful. For us people make the difference.


These aren’t just words. They define us. Our imagination, our child-like wonder is our biggest weapon. Our creativity makes us world-class innovators. But ultimately it is our will our drive and determination that becomes the ultimate power behind our success. We strive for excellence. We strive to work together to be not just good, but great. We strive to win.

Our Motto: "Your Partner in Building Business"

What we do?

  • Talent Aquisition
  • Talent Transformation
  • Talent Engagement
  • Other Services
  • Project Training
  • Campus Drive

Our main strength had been our Flexibility, Hunger, Focus and the Relationship we build with the top HR Managers at the MNCs. Slowly and steadily we have built up a team of Experienced HR personals and young talented individuals. This team is invariably one of best any one can find.

Talent Aquisition Talent Transformation Talent Engagement Other Services
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